Looking For The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Looking For The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Regardless of your gender or profession, you will surely consent to the fact that your hair is the most imperative characteristic of your personality. So no matter if you are a man or a woman, a chef or an engineer, you always wish for beautiful, wavy, and healthy hair. However, if you are losing this precious asset of your physique for any reason, you certainly need to consult the best hair transplant surgeon without wasting a more span of time. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that moves hair follicles from the donor area to a thinning scalp or bald area. It is mainly employed to treat male-pattern baldness. There can be several reasons for untimely hair loss, for instance, hereditary baldness, uneven hair growth, fire burns, excessive workouts, or some medical treatments. While nourishing hair not only works positively in our favor but also boosts our level of confidence; on the contrary, baldness can drastically impact our personal as well as social and professional lives.

Who Requires Hair Transplant Surgeon?

In general hair fall and hair loss is common after a certain age like the 60s but losing hair at a young age like in the 20s or 30s is neither common nor bearable for any individual. It is because hairs miniaturize and fall out over a period of time. These days, this problem is hitting hard in young teenagers. Thus, if you are also facing this type of hair loss issue, you may need Hair Transplantation.

If you are also an inheritor who is suffering from hereditary baldness or any sort of uneven hair growth due to fire accidents, then Hair Transplantation by an expert doctor can help you. You can also avail yourself of its benefits if you are losing hair due to gyming and heavy workouts or because of any other medical treatment such as chemotherapy. A hair transplant surgery also helps when someone loses hair on the account of some genetic disorder like alopecia areata.

Knowing The Process of Hair Transplantation

  • When opting for any medical treatment or surgery, you should be aware of the exact procedure, cost, and side effects it is carrying. The same rule goes with Hair Transplantation. Before going for a Hair Transplantation surgery, you should know what to expect during the Hair Transplant process.
  • During a hair transplant procedure, a learned surgeon will take hair follicles from one area of the scalp, usually the back of the head, and transplant them to the bald or thinning areas of the scalp.
  • In other words, the Hair transplantation process is primarily carried out to restore the falling hairline and treat male pattern baldness. However, it delivers the desired only when done under the expert supervision of adept doctors or a group of doctors like AHRS-INDIA.
  • In general, hair transplantation & restoration surgery takes place under anesthetic and takes around four hours. Usually, it is not a painful process but you may experience some discomfort and swelling after the surgery. However, it is only for a small span of time and gets subsides within a few days.

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Precautions To Be Taken Into Consideration

  • After the hair transplant surgery, it is important to take care of your scalp properly. This includes washing your hair gently with a very mild shampoo and using only a soft brush.
  • The person who is undergoing surgery is advised to avoid exposure to sunlight. So if you are also having hair transplant surgery, you should not get in contact with direct heat, sunlight, dirt, air, or pollution for at least two weeks after the surgery.
  • Your transplanted hair will start to regrow within two to three months, but it may take up to six months before you see full results. Once the hair grows, it will be permanent.

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Get The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Too much hair fall or severe hair loss can result in permanent baldness. Besides the physical appearance, the condition of baldness can also dissemble the mental and emotional health of an individual. An expert Hair Transplant Surgeon can assist you to rescue from such a worrisome situation. Ensure to get your treatment from a trusted hair clinic or a reliable doctor. You can also connect with AHRS-INDIA. It is a certified association of highly experienced doctors from all around the nation. You can connect with the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon here according to your requirement and budget.

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