benefits of prp for hair

What are the Benefits of PRP for Hair?

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is a type of treatment which is utilized to boost the volume of hair grafts. One of the key benefits of PRP for hair is that it involves non-surgical procedures. To promote healthy growth of your hair, it is an effective and safe approach. The PRP treatment is gradually turning out to be a promising treatment to cure hair loss. It can effectively treat male pattern baldness and premature balding.

PRP for hair is a process where platelets from the patient are extracted and then injected into the patient’s scalp. Platelets consist of certain components which stimulate hair growth. There are worthy benefits of PRP treatment, but you must consult a Doctor before you get yourself treated.

7 Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair

Platelet-Rich Plasma for hair is a responsive and result-worthy treatment which is trusted by lots of individuals. This treatment is very helpful in the growth of healthy cells. Some of the PRP benefits for hair are pointed out below:

Reduces Hair Loss

Your problem of hair loss can be effectively dealt with by using PRP. It prevents the shrinking of hair follicles and strengthens the existing hair. As a result, the hair appears thicker and dense. The plasma is also responsible for improving the blood flow in the scalp and nourishes it.

Stimulates Hair Follicles

Platelet-Rich Plasma supports the activity of hair follicles and further helps in hair growth. This valuable approach contributes to making the scalp healthier. It rejuvenates the roots of hair. The plasma plays an important role in regenerating damaged tissues which creates new cells. These cells are significant in persuading suitable recovery of hair.

Non-Surgical Procedure

This treatment is carried out with no incision. You won’t be taken to the operation theater. Thus, you are not having any cut or scar markings in your scalp. In this procedure, the only apparatus used is a needle. The needle (as in injection) is used to draw one’s own blood and to inject the PRP into the scalp.

Minimal Recovery Time

The time taken to recover from this treatment is very minimal. If you don’t want to disrupt your day-to-day activity, you can undoubtedly opt for PRP for hair. This is a convenient alternative if you are seeking to restore your hair more quickly. PRP treatment can be very beneficial if you don’t want to spend lengthened downtime.

Devoid of Side-Effects

In the process of regaining healthy hair, you won’t have to face any side effects. It also doesn’t cause any allergies or adverse reactions. Since the platelets used are the patient’s own, there are hardly any chances of rejection by the body. You will remain safe from being infected by any transmissible disease.

Safe and Convenient

To deal with hair problems, this might be the safest treatment you can undergo. As it involves no cuts or incision, the chances of infection doesn’t arise. To go through the PRP procedure, you don’t have to get admitted. It is a matter of an hour or so, after which you can straightaway head home. You can even continue your daily routine without any difficulty.

Noticeable Result

The outcome you will notice after going through PRP treatment will be extremely pleasing. The results accomplished will be long-lasting and natural. PRP speeds up the process of regeneration and shows apparent results in quicker times. The platelets help to produce strong and healthy hair strands. The appearance and liveliness of hair will be clearly visible with this remedy.


In some of the studies it has been stated that PRP can prevent hair loss to at least 50%. It can boost hair growth to almost 30-40%. PRP for hair growth is a very promising cure for those who experience severe hair loss and thinning. It has the attributes to improve an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. The PRP for hair is a versatile treatment to deal with different kinds of hair loss.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma boasts of superior efficiency in improving density, thickness and overall quality of the hair. PRP is useful in dealing with hair problems that exist and also take precautionary action against hair loss. Some conventional treatments require a couple of months to show distinct transformation. But, PRP shows response earlier with conviction.

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