side effects of hair patch

What are the Side Effects of Hair Patch?

In recent times, some of the main reasons for losing hair are hormonal imbalance, stress, and environmental issues. The fundamental state of health, nutritional deficiencies and some bad habits like alcoholism and smoking also contributes to hair loss. In some people, the side-effects of medical treatment and medications also lead to hair loss. When loss of hair results in baldness, we seek effective remedies. One such remedy is the hair patch treatment. In this treatment hair is restored artificially without any surgery involved. This is a viable option for many who don’t want to go through surgery. In this technique, non-natural hair is attached to the bald portion with the help of clips or glue. The clips or glue utilized are totally cosmetic, therefore there are no side effects of hair patch.

The hair patch treatment is best suited for people suffering an autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Areata. This treatment is a worthy solution for having hair that looks natural. It is said that there aren’t any major drawbacks of hair patch. But, actually there are some side effects that are worth discussing.

7 Side Effects of Hair Patching

Although a hair patch is usually believed to be safe and easy, it has some general problems. These problems have to be taken care of regularly. Moreover, such customary maintenance can make you spend more than you had assumed. Here are a few of the side effects mentioned below.

1. Restricted Use of Oil

There is a restriction in applying hair oil after the hair patching is done. Applying oil to the hair patch damages it. However, you can use hair serum which is safe.

2. Requires Coloring

After a certain period of time, the hair patches need to be colored. This requirement of coloring it can turn out to be tedious. How often it is to be colored depends on the quality of hair patch you are using.

3. Combing Issues

The hair patch cannot withstand all types of combs. So, while combing you need a brush of light density. Your hair patch might get damaged if you use a dense comb.

4. Routine Maintenance

One of the leading hair patching side effects is the requirement of maintenance on a daily basis. Once in a month or after 40 days you need to spend some time for its preservation. The routine maintenance is an annoying process as it needs to be detached and then cleaned.

5. Temporary Remedy

Hair patching is only a temporary solution to deal with hair loss. You won’t be receiving the total solution of losing your hair. As it is not a permanent solution, you need to make visits to the hairstylist each month.

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6. Frequent Replacement

The hair patch requires to be replaced after the stipulated time. Sometimes it may last for weeks and sometimes for months. Thus, the amount spent on maintenance and care of the hair patch would get higher, with time.

7. Headache & Dizziness

Getting a headache is also a part of the hair patch side effects. When the patch has to be worn for a longer time, you would experience a headache. Some might even complain of dizziness if the hair patch is too tight.


To treat baldness in an absolutely safe approach, the hair patching procedure is most excellent. As it is a non-invasive procedure it won’t be causing any pain. The best thing about this treatment is that it doesn’t need any needles or other medicines. People of all age-groups and every hair kind can opt for it. It is not only a reasonably priced solution for baldness but also provides a quicker outcome. This treatment of artificial hair restoration can give you the hair most preferred. But, there are a few hair patch disadvantages. After having hair patching done, you will have to make visits to the hair stylist every now and then. The hair stylist can only help you to hold on to your look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wearing a hair patch OK?

If you have partial baldness, wearing a hair patch can conceal the bald patches. It can be a satisfactory option if you are hesitant about surgeries. If you are looking out for an inexpensive way to deal with hair loss, you can always wear a hair patch.

Can we use hair patch for a lifetime?

Generally, the hair patch can be used for a maximum of 10-12 months. If you take good care of it, the longevity might get extended. Moreover, the longevity of a hair patch differs with the product and the material used.

Does hair patch look fake?

If the hair patch is of good quality and is affixed properly, it doesn’t look unnatural. Very often it is hard to identify it but at times it can lack the authenticity of hair transplant.

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