History of AHRS

Hair restoration surgery was a relatively new concept in India around a decade back, being practiced by a few surgeons only. As the awareness regarding the procedure increased among the doctors and the general public alike, a growing need emerged for a common platform where all the issues regarding hair transplantation could be discussed. At that point of time, in 2008, the founder members of AHRS India (Dr. Sanjiv Vasa, Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput, Dr.Tejinder Bhatti, Dr. Sandeep Sattur, Dr. Kapil Dua, Dr. Ashok Vardhan Reddy, Dr. Venkataram Mysore, Dr. Lakshyajit D. Dhami, Dr. Aman Dua, Dr. Ravi Kumar Joshi, Dr. Puli Ravindra Reddy, Dr. K. Ramachandran and Dr. Pardeep Bhargava )recognized this need and formed a platform which got an international recognition also by the name of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India. AHRS India is a prestigious organization committed towards promoting research and awareness in the field of hair restoration surgery. It was founded on 27th October, 2008 with the following four objectives:

(i) to promote and direct the development of Hair Restoration Surgery in India along sound, scientific, ethical and progressive lines

(ii) to foster, organize and co-ordinate training in Hair Restoration Surgery and to advise on organization of teaching programs in the field in India

(iii) to provide for and promote dissemination and diffusion of knowledge of Teaching of Art and Science of Hair Restoration Surgery amongst members of the medical and Para medical profession in general

(iv) to create awareness and provide correct and scientifically appropriate information about hair restoration to the general public.

AHRS is a constantly growing organization not only in terms of increasing memberships but also in all other fronts like CMEs and orations. The membership has crossed the 200 mark since its inception. The activities of the association have slowly gathered momentum and there has been no looking back since then. The annual conference of the organization (HAIRCON) is a well-organized and sought after meetings conducted in India. These conferences have continued to be an excellent showcase of scientific and cultural interaction between members. The Golden Peacock is a special award of HAIRCON given to the international candidate with the best contribution in the field of hair restoration surgery. The first HAIRCON was held in 2009 in Ahmedabad under the leadership of Dr. Sanjiv Vasa ( President, AHRS India) Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput ( Vice President) and Dr. Bhatti ( Secretary) The well-known international delegates, Dr. Alex Ginzburg, Dr. Ali Abbasi and Dr. Koray Erdogan. This conference was attended by around 100 delegates. The highlight of the first meeting was the live surgery workshops for hair restoration using both methods of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The Golden Peacock was awarded to Dr. Alex for his role in the advancement of hair restoration surgery. The conference proved to be a great success with different methods of hair transplantation from various countries being discussed on a single platform for the first time in India. The second HAIRCON was held in Mount Abu in 2010 was also held under the guidance of Dr. Sanjiv Vasa, Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput and Dr. Bhatti. It was graced by the presence of internationally acclaimed Dr. Pathomvanich and Dr. Tommy Hwang. The scenic hill station provided a beautiful backdrop to the academic feast. Dr. Pathomvanich was awarded the Golden Peacock or his contribution. The third HAIRCON was held in Mumbai in 2011. It was headed by Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput, Dr. Kapil Dua, Dr. Sandeep Sattur, Dr. LD Dhami. The delightful cultural programs together with the vast academic exchange of ideas provided a holistic experience. The highlight of this conference was the cadaveric dissection on goat head for the purpose of hair restoration surgery. Dr. Bill Parsley was awarded the Golden Peacock Oration.In 2012, the fourth HAIRCON took place in the beautiful city of Kolkata under the leadership of Dr. Manoj Khanna, President AHRS India and Dr. Bessam Farjo, Past ISHRS president leading the Internal faculty. It was a star-studded affair and the cruise along the river Ganges was splendid. The Fifth HAIRCON was held together with the 3rd Asian AHRS conference in 2013 in Bangalore. It was a joint conference headed by Dr. Venkataram Mysore & Dr. Kapil Dua from India an Dr. Sanjiv Vasa & Dr. Abbasi from Asian side. It was the biggest conference till date attended by around 250 delegates. The basic and advance courses in hair restoration surgery offered in this conference were highly appreciated.

HAIRCON Beyond Scalp Indore 2019 www.haircon2019.com 18In 2014, the sixth HAIRCON held in Goa under the leadership of Dr. Sandeep Sattur and Dr. Kapil Dua was attended by around 150 delegates. The conference was graced by many internationally acclaimed hair transplant surgeons, including the President of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (IHRS), Dr. Gambino. The highlight was the human cadaveric dissection for demonstration of hair restoration surgery.In 2015, Dr. Narendra Patwardhan and Dr. Anil K Garg organized a wonderful conference in the beautiful city of Lonavala, Maharashtra. It was one of the biggest Haircon at that time in terms of delegates ( around 300). The conference had many Internatonal faculties which were led by Dr. Maria from US who was also awarded the Golden Peacock Oration.The eighth Haircon was organized for the first time in North India in the Manchester of India, Ludhiana in 2017. It had one of the highest number of International faculties till that time. Dr. Ken Washenik, the ISHRS President was one of the main speaker from USA. Dr. James Harris delivered the prestigious Golden Peacock Oration. The conference was a mix of one of the best academic and social programs under the leadership of Dr. Kapil Dua and Dr. Aman Dua.In 2018, the 9th Haircon was organized along the sea shore in the famous city of of Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu by Dr. K. Ramachandran and Dr. Anil K Garg. The weather was good and the academics were also par excellence. Dr. Parsa Mohebi delivered the Golden Peacock OrationIn 2019 Dr.Anil Garg organised the !0 th Haircon at Indore with the best academic input and entertainment. Dr.Robert True delivered the Golden Peackock oration in 2019. In 2020 Dr.Sandeep Sattur organised the 11 th Haircon at Mumbai with a new concept of take home messages at the end of every session .Dr.Sam Lam delivered the Golden peacock oration in 2020.

Hair con

  • 2009 December 18-20 Ahmedabad
  • 2010 September 10-12 Mount Abu
  • 2011 Mumbai
  • 2012 August 10-12 Kolkatta
  • 2013 november 22-24 Bangalore
  • 2014 September 19-21 Goa
  • 2015 October 2-4 Lonaval
  • 2016 July 15-16 Workshop Goa
  • 2017 February 24-26 Ludhiana
  • 2018 February 16-18 Mahabalipuram
  • 2019 March 6-8 Mumbai

List of the President AHRS

  • Dr.Sanjeev Vasa 2009-2010
  • D.Rajendra singh Rajput 2011
  • Dr.Manoj Khanna 2012
  • Dr.Venkatram Mysore 2013
  • Dr.Sandeep Sattur 2014
  • Dr.Narendra Patwardhan 2015
  • Dr.Kapil Dua 2016-2017
  • Dr. K. Ramachandran2018 - 2019
  • Dr.Dhami.L 2020-2021
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