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Presidential Message

Dear Colleagues, my dear AHRS members.
We are all passing through the uncharted waters of the Pandemic COVID-19. India and the world at large has experienced more than 3 months of pain, anguish, uncertainty and fear since 22nd March. When the Lockdown was declared, no one had even an iota of an idea that it would prolong with no sign of abatement.
We were forced and also willingly accepted, to stop elective surgery, so the sparse medical facility could be preserved to combat any sudden rush of patients to the health care centre. After following this clinical & financial constraint and setback till 3rd week of May, most of us reluctantly started the hair Transplant practice with full preventive protocols in a clinical setting not enforced to deal with COVID-19 affected population.
Friends, we know that the practice must go on, as the pandemic is not going to go away any time soon and till at least 65 to 70% population is either affected, or we have adequate doses of a prophylactic effective vaccine in place. This may not happen till the end of 2020.
We, as a Superspeciality, should put, the most stringent practices in place, so that none of our patients, our staff or any of us are inadvertently afflicted with the infection. There are many guidelines being issued by various authorities including our own association and we need to incorporate it in our practice. These guidelines keep evolving as our knowledge and experience expands with each passing day.
We take solace in the knowledge that with these safe-guards in place, we can continue to help our patients to get on with their normal lives, without the emotional suffering and the devastating effects on their self-esteem which arise from baldness.
All those who need to seek our help, for either medical or surgical remedy for the hair loss, should be confident that the bonafide members of our association are fully qualified and committed to provide an excellent standard of care matching with the best settings in the world. Patients can be rest assured, that they are in competent hands to carry on with the treatment even in this time of COVID-19.
We the members of AHRS must continue to interact with each other and evolve as a united force to combat the evil, named COVID-19, successfully.
I wish you all a healthy rest of the year 2020. All the very best from all the office bearers of the Association.
Dr. Lakshyajit Dhami


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