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6th Annual scientific meeting of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons - India. (AHRS-India)

Haircon 2013
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Haircon 2013 Photo Gallery

Presidential Message

Dr Sandeep Sattur

Dr. Sandeep Sattur

Hair restoration today is on the cusp of explosion to an all new level. Improved surgical techniques and newer treatment strategies have been the basis for this change. This change also brings with it a large circus of potential or dubious anti hair loss agents. As an association we strive to advocate evidence based hair loss management combined with good clinical judgement and professional expertise to deliver the best possible treatment options to the hair loss patient.


"AHRS does not support the claims of Stem cells, hair multiplication, hair cloning, hair doubling and Dermal Papilla - DP Cell Culture. Beware of misleading advertisements and false claims