Presidential Message

Dr Sandeep Sattur

Dr Narendra Patwardhan

My Dear AHRSI colleagues, Wishing you health, peace and happiness in this New year. Six months have passed since we enjoyed a brilliant academic feast in Goa under the leadership of Dr Sandeep Sattur. Now its my turn to hold this prestigious post of president of AHRSI. Day by day more and more doctors are getting interested in Hair Restoration, which needs proper training, guidance and academic feasts for continuing education.

Please do not transfer the delegate fee for HAIRCON 2015 by NEFT in our account. Those who wish to attend, please pay by cash at the registration counter for non residential category only. We will not be responsible for the transaction made after 30th of September 4pm onwards.

"AHRS does not support the claims of Stem cells, hair multiplication, hair cloning, hair doubling and Dermal Papilla - DP Cell Culture. Beware of misleading advertisements and false claims